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Safe & Quick:

The RAPID EPS Construction Site Fall Protection System

The RAPID EPS system, with its revolutionary assembled edge protection for construction workers at standard height and full height, with only minimal training.

Proven, Safe Edge Protection

  • Fully compliant with OSHA 1926.502 & ONTARIO Regulation 213/91and BS EN13374:2004 for Class B Protection
  • Unique safety device indicates correct assembly

Quick and Cost Effective Temporary Edge Protection

  • 10 times faster than existing drill & fix systems
  • 20 metres can be erected in less than 10 minutes
  • No tools or drilling required
  • Minimal training needed
  • Significant savings in time and labour

Flexible Safety Equipment for Working at Height

  • Works in many locations including lift shafts, floor edges, voids and stairs.

Edge Protection FederationEdge Protection
Federation Member

Rapid EPS is a member of the Edge Protection Federation.
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RAPID EPS Training

A Toolbox Talk for installation of the RAPID EPS system takes approx 40 minutes.

For more comprehensive training (includind BS EN 13374 and working at height regulations) we recommend Simian Risk Management...

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